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How Mobile Pickup Can Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

The future of mobile ordering will be a $38 billion industry by 2020. On average, 11% of sales at quick-service restaurants are attributed to mobile pick-up apps and this number is continuing to rise.

So what are the advantages to implementing mobile pick-up for your restaurant? Many successful chains are pioneering the use of mobile pick-up apps to connect with Millennials and Generation Z, leveraging the opportunity to insert themselves in a place where these younger and more tech-savvy consumers spend a large amount of their day. A study done by Nielsen identified Millennials as the largest group of smartphone users, while also being the generation that eats out most frequently.

Companies like Chipotle continue to power ahead with their digital sales growing to 10% of their total sales, while 13% of all Starbucks orders and a whopping 60% of Domino’s total sales come through their apps or websites as well.

Apart from connecting with the younger generation, mobile ordering is a proven driver of sales and can be instrumental in streamlining kitchen processes and restaurant efficiency. Digital orders can significantly reduce long wait times in lines and minimize cumbersome cash transactions. Not only that but mobile apps are able to capture plenty of data that can help you better understand your audience.

Fadi Eid, the owner of Jamjar Canteen at UBC, says:

“The operational flow became much easier after integrating mobile ordering into our restaurant and we saw better results in terms of revenue. People think it’s convenient — it’s easy. They appreciate the fact that they can see the menu and pictures online, giving them time to think about what they want to order instead of being rushed at the counter. It saves time for the customer and it saves time for us.”

Read more about JamJar’s case study here.

The future of dining out is mobile and ClickDishes is here to provide you with the solution.

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