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Canadian Startup ClickDishes Launches Operations In China

WUHAN, China - Dec. 30, 2020 -- Following their establishment in Canada back in 2017 and successful launch in Japan at the beginning of this year in January, ClickDishes officially expanded their operations on December 27 to China. The Canadian startup is prominently known for its innovative contactless food ordering services that provide customers with the accessibility of ordering from quick-service restaurants. In addition, ClickDishes is also introducing automated convenience stores and pharmacies through the mobile app platform and robotic technology to China.

ClickDishes CEO Alec Wang and team in Wuhan, China

Local officials from Wuhan attended the ClickDishes official launch event this past Sunday hosted by the ClickDishes China team in favour of the startup's initiatives, believing the platform will support smaller local businesses around the area during the economic turndown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Local officials are also pleased to know that Wuhan residents will be provided with the opportunity of contact-less food options to further caution social distancing measures without sacrificing convenience and efficiency. The ClickDishes Chinese headquarter is most notably located in Wuhan's densely populated high-tech zone and is expected to serve the population significantly in the years to come.

ClickDishes plans to roll out its services in 2021 to cover more than 49 of China's top-tiered cities in the next three years. When asked what motivated the company to launch in Wuhan, Alec Wang, CEO of ClickDishes, vocalized, "We are excited for our new chapter in China. Our motivation in launching in China was partly due to the population's embracement of technology and innovation and the support of the thousands of small businesses around the city who have struggled a great deal because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team is hopeful that businesses within China will welcome our business and take advantage of the platform's various benefits."

About ClickDishes

ClickDishes was founded in Canada back in 2017 to provide people with a seamless in-app food ordering service that supports small business operations in cities across the world. Users are able to access the quick-service restaurant through the ClickDishes app, website, Alipay Mini app, and the WeChat Mini app. Thus far, the app's success undoubtedly showcases the importance and convenience of contact-less food ordering services more than ever in light of the unprecedented effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the newfound digital age that continues to go worldwide.



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