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The birth of a delicious relationship


Since collaborating with UBC's JamJar, the eatery has seen a 55% rise in quarterly sales on ClickDishes and a 100% rise in happy faces. 

Fulfilling A Need

Nestled in UBC's campus and a popular restaurant for fast-casual dining amongst students, JamJar is the appropriate fit for ClickDishes' 'Grab and Go' food technology.  We approached JamJar in August 2017, back then a fighting fit establishment with the hunger to improve its sales and general brand awareness. They realised that they had the ability to serve more customers per lunch hour, but due to their front-of-house manual system, the serving rate stayed the same. Unfortunately, they didn't have the tool to optimize their sales.

But we did.

'We make sure we understand the exact needs of our customers from the beginning of our relationship. It's how we can be confident that their business is going to grow and thrive with our service' 

- Josh M - Customer Success, ClickDishes

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Jam Jar Interview 2018
ClickDishes Official

Jam Jar Interview 2018

'People think it's convenient and easy. They really appreciate that they can see the menu items, see pictures and give it some thought of what they want to order.'

- Fadi - Founder, JamJar Canteen UBC

Spreading The Word

Using ClickDishes meant that JamJar was able to offer the newest technology to its customers and create a food ordering experience to remember - quick, painless and wallet-free!  But the success story doesn't stop there.


Cooperating fully with ClickDishes, JamJar also adopted the ClickDishes' branded materials to transport their customers' delicious goods. These included logo-covered handled bags and other branded containers (all of which are provided by ClickDishes as part of the subscription fee). In addition, JamJar proudly placed a large 'mobile pick up' sign on their counter to draw in any passing trade that already had the ClickDishes app, or who were interested in mobile ordering. 


These efforts combined were highly effective in engaging current and non-users and brought heaps of new traffic through JamJar's doors. A win-win!

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