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Vancouver Food Guide for Bubble Tea Lovers

There are few things that Vancouverites love more than sushi, however bubble tea may very well be at the top of this list. Over the past few years, more and more bubble tea stores have flocked to Vancouver to satisfy it’s growing popularity here. Here is a list of some of our favourite places to check out.

Dragon Ball Tea House

Dragon Ball is a true OG that has been here before the new kids on the block arrived. One of the most beloved bubble tea spots in Vancouver, Dragon Ball Tea House is one you should definitely give a try. They have all the classic bubble tea flavours that you’ve grown to love, as well as a variety of fresh fruit slushes that will keep you on your toes. Their pearls are soft and chewy - just the way we like it.


Rad Tea Room

Rad Tea Room has the cutest cups and the cutest aesthetic. We love that they use only fresh ingredients and tea leaves of the highest quality. You won’t find any powdered teas and artificial flavours here! Tucked away in the underground path at Granville Station, it can be easy to miss so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this adorable store.


Yi Fang

Yi Fang first debuted in Vancouver on Robson St and ever since then has been quickly multiplying throughout the city. What sets Yi Fang apart from the others is their specialty fruit tea as well as their freshly made black sugar pearls. If you love high quality teas with fresh citrus flavours, this is the place for you. Their specialty tea has fresh orange slices and a kumquat/lemon blend which smells and tastes amazing!

📷 Xing Fu Tang

Xing Fu Tang is the newest bubble tea sensation to sweep the city. They stir-fry their tapioca pearls in brown sugar first which is how they add the ‘roasted’ flavour to their drinks. You can watch the entire process at the counter which adds to the experience for those that like to see how everything is made. If you go to Xing Fu Tang, be sure to check out their featured drinks like the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Pearl Black Tea Latte.



ShareTea has convenient locations across the city and a wide variety of drinks on their menu. Lately, ShareTea has been focusing on their matcha offerings and we especially love the Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea. If you want to treat yourself a little, they can also top it with some ice cream for that extra creamy touch.



CoCo is one of the largest bubble chains in the world and for good reason! They have locations all across the world so you can rest assured, you won’t be disappointed. They have monthly specials which means you can try different drinks on their menu for cheap! Delicious and doesn’t break the bank - we’re in.

Regardless of where you choose to go, there’s so many options in the city that won’t disappoint. On ClickDishes, we have a great variety to pick from including ShareTea, CoCo, Rad Tea Room, Gong Cha and more. Let us know where your favourite bubble tea is from!



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