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ClickDishes Has Launched in Tokyo, to Provide Contactless Pickup Services for QSR

VANCOUVER, April. 20, 2020 - ClickDishes, Inc., a Canadian tech startup that provides cashless and no-contact fast-service food pickup, is announcing their debut in Tokyo, Japan. The team accelerated their Tokyo launch date to support small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

ClickDishes, Inc. is well-positioned to help struggling restaurants in this unique climate. Customers can access quick-service restaurants such as coffee shops, food courts, and food trucks then pay through the ClickDishes App, Website, Wechat Mini App or Alipay Mini App. Guidelines around social distancing have motivated restaurant owners en masse to switch to no-contact pick-up services.

The team is going above and beyond to help restaurants all over Tokyo prepare for large-scale take-out services. ClickDishes is currently expanding the number of restaurant locations in Tokyo. They will gradually expand their service's reach throughout major urban areas in Japan, aiming to introduce 4000+ stores within the year.

Now more than ever, digital food pickup is deemed an essential component of any food service company.

"There are hundreds of thousands small restaurants in Japan and Japan depends on small restaurants, and in turn, the people depend on them," said Alec Wang, CEO of ClickDishes. "ClickDishes is moving quickly to provide the small restaurants, food courts, and food trucks of Tokyo with a way to evolve their businesses digitally while navigating these trying times."

We have a strong commitment to supporting small businesses. To better assist businesses in this economic downturn, ClickDishes has launched the #RestaurantSupport Program in Canada. The platform will be offered with zero fees and zero commissions for restaurant partners until the end of June. To read more, click here:

About ClickDishes

ClickDishes is an order placement and food pickup platform that helps quick-service restaurants provide mobile order features for their customer-base. These customers can pay through the ClickDishes App, Website, Wechat Mini App or Alipay Mini App. ClickDishes supports consumers by providing seamless, cashless and contactless pickup experiences, while supporting the small restaurants it serves with key business and marketing support.



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