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Vancouver’s Bubble Tea Tastes Lasting Success!

Updated: May 31, 2018

A Vancouver foodie has no lack of delectable beverage options to choose from as they roam the city streets. One trend that has no signs of slowing, and is fastly becoming one of the most popular ClickDishes choices, is the flavourful and infamously instagrammable, ‘Bubble Tea.’ Since its first introduction to the city from Taiwan, bubble tea has made its presence known throughout B.C. and has earned the rights to be considered a street staple within Vancouver city. Now a huge trend amongst Millennial and Generation Z Vancouverites, it’s a beverage which can be enjoyed at all times of the day, and is arguably the most popular fashion accessory to be seen with about town.

We are true bubble tea fans at ClickDishes (if you don’t believe us, you should see our weekly orders) and we’re excited about collaborating with many of the original and up-and-coming bubble tea establishments in Vancouver.

We’ve created a list of the top 5 bubble tea joints to experience:

I’m in love with but really. Arguably the largest bubble tea franchise in the world and a firm favourite amongst our ClickDishes users, CoCo doesn’t disappoint. To maintain an authentic taste, all the ingredients are shipped from Taiwan. If you needed anymore persuasion, the coolest millennials ‘on the downtown block’ queue* EVERYDAY to get a taste of the action.

*(Psst. Don’t forget with ClickDishes you can skip this line!)

Rad provides bubble tea with heart. Their normal sugar levels are a lot lower than other bubble tea establishments and their ingredient quality and attention to detail is on point. As an example, they even offer almond and soy milk, so those who are lactose intolerant still get the opportunity to enjoy great tasting bubble tea! That’s rad!

Infini Tea have made their mark on the bubble tea scene in Vancouver, especially after launching only this past February. Located Downtown, this awesome establishment is well worth your time, as they not only serve bubble tea but also offer devastatingly good, homemade, edible treats! Even more reason to nip in on your lunch break and satisfy your raging sweet tooth!

The name ‘Gong Cha’ actually means ‘the act of offering tea to the Emperor in ancient China as a tribute.’ Nowadays, Gong Cha has managed to maintain the same majestic prowess by channelling such a vibe within their brand of bubble tea. Don’t believe us? Check out their raving Yelp reviews. Their signature beverage ‘milk foam tea’ even comes complete with instructions on how to create the perfect milk foam-stache. These guys don’t mess around!

Presotea has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to delivering great, original bubble tea to its customers. Rather than bowing to the bubble tea trend entirely, Presotea uses an es-PRESO machine to create their drinks, hence the name, meaning every order is completely bespoke. Particular favourites include the Earl Grey milk tea, which really tickles our taste buds, along with the Jasmine Green milk tea. To-TEA-LLY delightful!

Want to try any of the featured bubble tea? Use code: ‘bubbletea5’ to get $5 off your first order using the ClickDishes app! Download from the app store here



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