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Edmonton’s Best Kept Secret - Meet Remedy Cafe!

Remedy’s owner ‘Zee’ is a rule-breaker and delightfully so. With now 6 chai bars in Edmonton alone, Zee is majestically throwing spice in the faces of his traditionalist critics, as Remedy is set to become one of the fastest growing eateries to deck out the city’s streets and shopping malls.

Remedy is first and foremost a fusion of Pakistan and Indian cuisine, served up in a relaxing cafe environment with a soft hipster vibe. A favourite with millennials and families alike, the cafe is open to all who are looking to satisfy their appetite with great-tasting food, without breaking the bank.

Remedy’s ‘modern twist’ doesn’t just stop at the delicious food and beverages on offer. Owner Zee has recently partnered with ClickDishes, a move to attract new food tech adopters and to improve the speed of service.

‘We approached Remedy after witnessing the huge impact they were having in the community of Edmonton. ClickDishes’ mission is to support independent eateries and cafes across Canada by offering our food ordering technology to complement their already great service. We’re excited to be partnered with Remedy!’

-Vicki Zhou -Cofounder, ClickDishes

As a final send-off from Zee, we thought we’d leave you all with his much loved phrase, which encapsulates the vibe of Remedy (and gives us LIFE):

“Be Spicy and Drink Chai”

Have you visited Remedy recently? We’d love to know your lunchtime favourites - comment below!



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