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5 Tips For Taking Amazing Food Photos

At ClickDishes, our marketing team is constantly generating contents on the run using our cameras and phones. We thought this article may help, whether you’re in the food business or you simply want to take an amazing #foodporn picture for your Instagram feed. Here are five easy, budget-friendly steps you can follow to really make that shot pop!

1. Take photos in natural lighting.Using harsh overhead lights or trying to take a picture in a dimly lit food court is not going to impress anyone. We often set up next to large, bright windows when we’re having a food photoshoot. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles and play around with various lighting options. You can also purchase a white foam board from the dollar store or office supply store and use that as a DIY reflector.

Red Pomelo Tea and Passion Fruit Tea from T Cafe & Tea

2. Use simple props to spice up the photo. Great props don’t have to be expensive! Patterned napkins, simple plates, cutlery and wooden chopping boards are props that we regularly use for background decor. The food is still the star of the show but it doesn’t hurt to have a great supporting cast. Another awesome idea is using raw ingredients to showcase the freshness and quality of the food!

Tacos from La Catina, Assorted Salads from Dirty Apron

3. Choose an angle that highlights the food. Whether you’re taking a flat lay of an entire table spread or a side shot of a plate, picking the right angle is important in order to tell the right story. Certain types of food such as soups or rice bowls photograph better from the top, while ‘taller’ items like cakes or burgers tend to photograph better from the side where you can see all the individual layers clearly.

Poké (kale noodles based) from Pokéworks, "Aged Ice" Ice-cream Sandwich from Japadog

4. Get some friends involved! Having a few extra hands on deck is always helpful. Incorporating a human feel to your photos can add some variety into the mix. Remember, it’s not just about the food but also capturing the ambiance and mood. You can include pictures of people enjoying a meal together or have someone be a hand model and hold the cutlery or food.

Coffee and Iced Turtle Mocha from Nestlé Toll House Café

5. Edit, edit, edit. Make sure you edit those photos afterward! You may need to fix the white balance, adjust brightness, contrast or saturation but once you’ve taken the time to edit each individual photo — we guarantee it’ll look like a million bucks! You don’t need to invest in advanced photo-editors, even small basic changes done on a free platform can make a big difference. Photo editing app our team love: foodie, VSCOcam and PicMonkey.

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