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New YVR Restaurants

Hey Vancouverites! Check out these new restaurants we've got lined up on the ClickDishes app for you to try. We'll be highlighting our favourite dishes from Heritage Asian Eatery, Smokehouse Sandwich and Haru Korean Kitchen.

This place serves modern fusion rice bowls and baos with some really incredible flavours. They have chicken, duck and pork belly bowls as well as vegetarian options like their shiitake rice bowl and eggplant rice bowl. However, the highlight of their bowls has to be their soft-boiled marinated egg waiting to coat the rice in creamy yolk goodness. The baos at Heritage Asian Eatery are also solid especially with the crispy taro garnish on top. If you prefer noodles over rice, there's also the option to get their house udon which tastes super unique. For dessert, don't miss out on the matcha mantou! The mantou are fried to crispy, golden perfection and pair perfectly with the matcha condensed milk that is provided on the side.

When you think Smokehouse Sandwich Co, think extraordinary sandwiches! The hot sandwiches have protein options like coffee-crusted strawberry glazed beef brisket, salt cured pork belly, pulled tamarind chicken and cumin-spiced pulled pork. There are also vegetarian options for those that prefer not to eat meat. Switch out your plain white bun for their high fibre or charcoal buns, pair your sandwich with their house-made chips or side salad and wash it all down with their specialty teas. We love their strawberry and mint iced tea but for those that enjoy strong ginger flavours, the honey ginger lemon iced tea would be a must-try for you! Next time you're craving a sandwich, step it up and order from Smokehouse.

Haru Korean Kitchen is a modern yet simple restaurant nestled in the heart of old-timey Gastown. Here you'll find Korean dishes that are atypical to other Korean establishments in town, such as their wild rice bibimbap or their spicy pork ribs and spicy chicken that seem to have Chinese inspired flavours. On a hot summer day, their chilled buckwheat noodles are the perfect way to combat the heat. We love how everything tastes fresh and homemade with their complimentary side salad provided with every dish. They also have a variety of Korean appetizers such as mandu (Korean dumplings), Korean fried chicken and the classic seafood pancake. You'll never get sick of all the different options available at Haru, especially with their rotating specials menu!

Next time you're wondering what's new in town, give these restaurants a chance. We're certain you won't be disappointed! Leave a comment or shoot us a message through social to tell us what you think!



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