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Mobile Ordering Now Available At CF Pacific Centre Urban Eatery

Our new partnership with CF Pacific Centre has arrived just in time for the launch of their newly renovated Urban Eatery. The Urban Eatery will launch tomorrow with vendors available on the ClickDishes platform including A&W, La Prep, Living Foods, TacoTime, Chachi's, Hula Poke and more! 

Providing shoppers and tenants with this additional feature for ordering food will increase the efficiency with which these restaurants are better able to serve their customers. We also hope that our platform will reduce additional stress for customers during this upcoming holiday season when shopping centres can expect an influx of daily visitors. 

Below are quick descriptions of what you can expect to order from the different restaurants available through ClickDishes at CF Pacific Centre's Urban Eatery.

Tacotime: TacoTime serves Tex-Mex style food at a highly affordable price. You can get burritos for less than $6 or combo it up with fries and a drink for less than $10. They've also got quesadillas, tacos and nachos making up the rest of their popular menu.

Living Foods: The Urban Eatery at CF Pacific Centre is definitely not lacking in healthy options. Living Foods is all about fresh, wholesome ingredients like quinoa, brown rice and vibrant vegetables. Grab one of their jam-packed salads or pick up a soup for something warm.

Chachi's: This sandwich chain is proud to serve only locally grown premium ingredients. Their sandwiches taste great and they have both gluten-free and vegetarian options! For those comfort food cravings, you can't go wrong with their Mac'n Cheese Sandwich or their Hot Philly Sandwich. 

A&W: Does A&W need an introduction? Their menu is all about their great burgers and they now have all-day breakfast as well. You can't go to A&W and not order their famous Root Beer Float which they serve in specially iced mugs for an extra icy fresh experience.

Hula Poke: Hula Poke has just opened up and is a welcome addition to the Urban Eatery. With the abundance of poke joints popping up in Vancouver, Hula differentiates itself by offering unique ingredients like yuzu kale, coconut rockfish and plantain chips. 

La Prep: La Prep is the best place to go when you're in a rush. They have a variety of ready-to-go lunch sandwiches, quiches, soups and salads. Don't forget to make a pit stop here for your sweet tooth cravings as their freshly baked pastries, cookies and muffins are sure to satisfy.

Stop by CF Pacific Centre's Urban Eatery and check it out for yourself! Don't forget to order from the ClickDishes app to save time and skip those long holiday lines.



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