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Hungry at UBC? Let us help

With midterm season fast approaching, we know that time is precious and you've got to start hitting the books! Here are a couple of restaurants on campus that will help fuel those study sessions, and best of all, with no wait at all.

Whether you're up early trying to fit in a whole day of studying or cramming late at night for an exam the next day, coffee has got your back by helping to increase focus and improve your short term memory. Blenz Coffee at the UBC Village has partnered with us so that you can order your coffee on your way to class and skip the long lines as everyone else is trying to get their daily caffeine fix. Plus, they've got a whole range of baked goods that you can bring along to class and prevent those awkward stomach rumblings from happening ever again.

2.  Miyamae Sushi

Food rich in iron and zinc found in fish, seafood and chicken have been proven to improve memory and concentration, so say hello to some sashimi or a chicken don from Miyamae Sushi! Load up on those healthy omega-3 fats by eating lots of fish, prawns and shellfish. Miyamae has a whole array of bento boxes, donburi, sushi and udon options for you to choose from.

3. Want Want Hot & Spicy House

Have you heard that spicy food can lead to a healthier heart and longer life? Studies have shown ingesting chillies to reduce the amount of inflammation in the body and reduce likelihood to have vascular disease, heart attacks and strokes. If that's not enough reason to get some spicy Chinese food from Want Want, then I don't know what is! Try their spicy hot pots, noodle soups and Sichuan specialties - your heart will thank you later.

Good luck with your studying everyone. We hope that with the time you save by not having to wait in line for your food, you'll be able to allocate more to your studying and score those A's!



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