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ClickDishes Partners with Alipay to Simplify Payment Experience for Chinese Consumers

ClickDishes Inc is making it easier for Chinese residents, tourists, and students in Vancouver to order food, and skip those lunch-rush lines just in time for Chinese New Year's! The Canadian startup has chosen Vancouver for its launch because of the city's Chinese influence and high concentration of Chinese consumers.

ClickDishes and Alipay, China's leading digital payment platform operated by Ant Financial Service Group, are partnering to launch a mini-program from within the Alipay app. This will allow users to order ahead, skip the line and pre-pay all within one app! Through this partnership, ClickDishes will become the first North American food ordering platform on Alipay.

ClickDishes mini program can be access within the Alipay App
ClickDishes & Alipay's Lunar New Year promotion

With hundreds of participating restaurants in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Alipay customers will be able to enjoy increased convenience using Alipay's secure Mobile Wallet, while restaurants partnering with ClickDishes will benefit from increased exposure to the millions of Chinese consumers visiting Canada each year.

"We are excited to partner with Alibaba's Alipay to provide convenience for Chinese tourists to explore local restaurants," said Alec Wang, CEO of ClickDishes. "We are thrilled to offer consumers simple, in-app ordering with the same security and convenience they have come to expect back home."

"ClickDishes's partnership with Alipay has the potential to trigger increased spending among Chinese visitors to Vancouver," said Jonny Doan, Manager of Hula Poke (CF Pacific Centre).

"Vancouver is a key destination for Chinese consumers who seek out authentic and local experiences, especially in and around the Chinese New Year," said Yulei Wang, General Manager, Alipay, North America. "Alipay gives Chinese consumers peace of mind while they are abroad with a secure and convenient payment option they are already accustomed to at home. We partnered with ClickDishes, a dynamic local Canadian start-up, for the greatest reach to restaurants in the Vancouver area, and we are pleased to continue to offer Chinese consumers a seamless shopping and payment experience."


About Alipay

Operated by Ant Financial Services Group, Alipay is the world's leading mobile and online payment platform. Launched in 2004, Alipay has evolved from a digital wallet to a lifestyle enabler. In addition to online payments, Alipay is expanding to in-store offline payments both inside and outside of China. Alipay's in-store payment service covers over 40 countries and regions across the world, and supports 27 currencies currently. Alipay works with over 250 overseas financial institutions and payment solution providers to enable cross-border payments for Chinese travelling overseas and overseas customers who purchase products from Chinese e-commerce sites.



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