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5 Must Have Free Apps For UBC Students

No scanner in your dorm room? No problem. Evernote's Scannable app makes scanning textbooks quick and easy. Simply hold your phone camera over the page you want to scan and the app will take care of the rest. You can also choose to save the images to your camera roll, email it to yourself or create a PDF. Such a handy tool for those pre-exam cramming sessions! 

Fudget is a budget planner that is super easy to use and simple. Learning how to budget wisely is an essential skill as you transition to adulthood and Fudget helps you do just that. You can keep track of your income and log an entry each time you spend money. Making sure you are always spending within your means ensures that paying off your credit card bill is stress-free at the end of each month. 

Finding it hard to make time for the gym? Check out the sweet Nike Training Club app with customized workout plans suggested just for you. There's beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts that can range from just 5 mins to over 45 mins. Plus, they have no-equipment sessions which are perfect for those that are trying to squeeze in a quick workout at home. This app makes it super easy to fit in your daily exercise between classes or study sessions. There's no excuse for you not to get fit this semester!

Worried about sleeping through an exam? Always missing your 8AM lecture? If you like to press the snooze button 10 times before you actually get out of bed, that trick won't work with Alarmy. In order to turn off the alarm on this app, you'll need to perform a task such as taking a picture of a set location, shaking your phone for 30 seconds or solving a math problem. Once the alarm is off, you're awake and ready to begin your day. If you also have trouble falling asleep, Alarmy has calming sleeping music that you can put on for a set amount of time while you're getting ready for bed.

You can't live without ClickDishes if you're a student! We know how crowded those campus restaurants can get as everyone is rushing to grab food before their next class. ClickDishes has restaurants like Jamjar Canteen, Blenz Coffee, Miyamae Sushi and more so you can order ahead through the app and skip the line when you arrive. This app lets you hack life so you can get your food faster and arrive at your next class on time.



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