Vancouver Summer Picks

June 23, 2017

The perks of working in downtown Vancouver are the plentiful food options available within walking distance of the office buildings. The negatives? Long wait times. It seems that all the popular places have lines out the door and we're here to tell you what's worth trying and won't take your entire lunch break to order.



Anybody who spends time downtown must be familiar with the consistent lines at lunchtime hotspot, Kita No Donburi. The popularity of this establishment is a real testament to Kita’s quality food and service. Kita’s donburi bowls are delicious but if you’re in the mood for something else you can also treat yourself to a variety of sushi rolls and salads. A favourite of J.P is their steak don - a proper steak served up medium rare on a bed of rice with veggies and a delicious house dressing. The agedashi tofu and chicken karaage here are also spot on and everything is reasonably priced. They have such an extensive menu that you'll never get bored of eating here!


There aren't a lot of premium style burgers in this city, which makes Fatburger unique and a favourite. Although it's at a higher price point than other fast food burger joints, the difference in quality of ingredients is noticeable. Plus, the portions are definitely generous. The Fatburger menu has so many amazing options, J.M always has trouble deciding what to order. He loves the California burger, but sometimes changes it up and gets the cajun chicken either as a burger or on a salad for a healthier alternative. admits 'Occasionally I get one of their milkshakes on a hot summer day....shhhhh don't tell my fitness trainer!' We won't tell if you share! 

Jian bing is a type of Chinese savory crepe that's very popular in northern China as a breakfast item. Me + Crepe specializes in making this type of crepe and is trying to bring this traditional Chinese dish to the locals of Vancouver. Our marketing manager V.Z is originally from China, but the first time she's ever tried jian bing was actually here at Me + Crepe. After that first bite, she was immediately hooked! The crispy crepe with egg and meat on the inside is the perfect food to grab for breakfast or lunch. Although there's many selections for their crepes including ham, tuna and beef, you can't go wrong with the original bing. If you have any special requests such as 'no cilantro' or 'no mayo', you can always mention it in the special requests section on the app to customize the crepe to your liking!



We hope you'll give some of these suggestions a try! There's such great variety here in Vancouver, we're blessed to be able to eat the food of different cultures right here in one city.


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